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“Torres San Jorge” Project

300 houses were handed over to organized workers within the framework of the Federal Program of Housing by The Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services
The building of “Torres San Jorge” was supported and developed by UOCRA which also provided the land. The project was co-financed by the Sub-secretariat of Urban Development and Housing of National Secretariat of Public Works, The City Housing Institute and complementary financed by Bank of the City of Buenos Aires.

Degree in Labour Safety and Environment in the Building Industry

The Argentine Normalization and Certification Institute [IRAM], UOCRA and UOCRA Institute for High Education, organized the teaching of the Degree in Labour Safety and Environment in the Building Industry, within the framework of Training policies. It is a must to go on working in order to decrease the rates of work accidents in our Industry as well as to improve life Quality of building workers and their families.
These activities and other more are carried out by the UOCRA and its Institute in order to build the “Culture of Prevention” in the building industry as the cornerstone on the defense of Decent Work

Agreement by and between UOCRA and the National Secretariat for Sustainable Development and Environment


UOCRA General Secretary Gerardo Martinez, signed Complementary Acts derived from the Framework Agreement by and between the Argentine General Confederation of Labour and the National Secretariat for Sustainable Development and Environment.
Our General Secretary was accompanied by CGT General Secretary Hugo Moyano; Secretary of the National Secretariat for Sustainable Development and Environment Dr. Homero Máximo Bibiloni; Secretary of the CGT Secretariat for Labour Health and Environment, Mrs. Viviana Córdoba, Secretary of the Textile Workers Union [AOT] Mr. Joge Lobais; members of CGT National Board of Directors and members of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. The meeting took place at the Argentine General Confederation of Labour headquarters.
The present agreement tries to strengthen the concept of Sustainable Development at workplace as well as workers join the Government environmental policies, taking into account the tasks performed in their jobs. Textile Workers Union [AOT] together with the UOCRA entered the agreement.


Argentine General Confederation Of Labour [CGT-RA] invited Latin American and Caribbean Delegations of workers, the Delegation of the Argentine Government , Employers Representatives, Regional Governments and European guests to the toast in honour of the Bicentennial Celebrations of our Nation
Delegation of CGTRA workers received the guests in celebration of the historical moment lived in Argentina, where the people celebrated the Nation’s birthday, within a framework of brotherhood , setting an example of unity and fervor and taking the first place in our region.
The toast was acknowledged by Mr. Gerardo Martinez together with Dr. Noemí Rial Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ambassador Alberto Dumont and Dr. Daniel Funes de Rioja, Vice-President of Employers.
Gerardo Martinez at ILO 99th International Labour Organization Conference
Over 100 workers representing Latin American and Caribbean Organizations called by the Members of the ILO´s Governing Body, Mr. Gerardo Martínez, Julio Roberto Gomez Esguerra, Hilda Anderson and A. De Benedetti and Victor Báez representing the International Trade Union Confederation held the meeting, on Tuesday June 8th , within the framework of the 99th ILO Conference. Ms. Raquel Gonzalez from the International Trade Union Confederation [ITUC] also attended as a panelist.
In his opening speech, Gerardo Martínez highlighted the importance of the meeting within the framework of the 99th ILO Conference and called on Victor Baez General Secretary of Trade Union Confederation of the Americas [TUCA] who referred to the exclusion of Colombia from the list of countries that breach ILO agreements and are under treatment in the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations and the urgent need to develop clear rules ensuring an open-door process and prioritizing those highly serious situations, like those in Colombia and other Latin American countries. He also stated that it is necessary to understand what kind of development we want for the world as workers.
Afterwards, Mr. Gerardo Martínez called on the Members of the ILO´s Governing Body, Ms. Hilda Anderson, Mr. Julio Roberto Gomez and Mr. Arnaldo Benedetti who reported some activities and decisions made by the Governing Body as well as the tasks developed as representatives of Latin American workers.
In addition to over 100 fellow workers, representatives of the Programme for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV) from Geneva, Hilda Sánchez and from Lima Carmen Benitez spoke on core issues, such as Colombia and opened debate on workers situation in the crisis and how their fundamental rights are being affected. Moreover, it was discussed the need of consolidating strategies to tackle the precarious, flexibility and exclusion measures that are moving forward in the social-labour framework.
Next, Ms Raquel González from ITUC, analyzed the political situation and ITUC’s opinion which has been expressed in documents and actions in the defense of labour rights.
Delegates ratified their support to Colombian workers and to all those countries which are suffering from murders and violence against union leaders, reinforcing the need to strengthen trade unions movement.